Feel The Love

Fall in love with sleep again! i love my pillow 's unique line of Advanced Memory Foam,  MemoryDown, and travel pillows will have you waking up refreshed and ready to take on the world. Dual-sided construction provides an ergonomically designed, stress relief 'scoop' or contour on one side, specially engineered to support your back and neck. On the other side, the pillow delivers a traditional shape that looks great on your bed. No need to flip to the "cool side" of your pillow because our distributive heat technology allows your pillow to breathe. Get ready for cool, uncompromising comfort that doesn't sacrifice support.

Hear the Love

We want to say that we love our new pillow's. Finally a good night's sleep for us all. We especially love our pillow's, but someone loves them even more. Julia has taken over one, and our bed. So thank you to I Love My Pillow for such a great product. Looking to buy more in the future!

Jeff and Karen M.
New Hudson, Michigan

"Teddy Bear" Cover

Our washable, stain resistant cover stands alone in the industry. With our hypoallergenic, brushed velour "Teddy Bear" fabric, you will find sleep comes as easily as it did when you actually slept with a Teddy Bear! After a night of sleeping on a precisely engineered pillow from i love my pillow , you may just find yourself digging through the attic to relive those idyllic memories.